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At Ipswich Artificial Grass, we understand that having a beautiful, luscious lawn is important to you. We also know that maintaining a natural grass lawn can be time-consuming and expensive. That’s why we offer a wide range of artificial grass installation services that look and feel just like the real thing – but without the hassle!

There are many reasons why our customers choose artificial grass over natural grass. Here are just a few:

  • Artificial grass is low maintenance, meaning you’ll save time and money on things like mowing, watering and fertilising.
  • It’s durable and long-lasting, so you won’t have to replace it every few years.
  • It’s perfect for all kinds of weather conditions, so your lawn will always look green and fresh – no matter what the weather is doing!
  • It’s safe for kids and pets, so you won’t have to worry about them tracking mud and dirt into the house.

We’ve been supplying artificial grass and the best materials, service and aftercare to both the public and trade for over 10 years. We’re passionate about what we do, and we always put our customers first. That’s why we offer highly competitive prices and unrivalled levels of customer service.

If you’re looking for an artificial grass solution that will save you time and money, then look no further than Ipswich Artificial Grass. We have a wide range of products to suit all budgets and requirements, so you’re sure to find the perfect solution for your needs. Contact us today to find out more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here some of the most common questions we get from our clients and those who inquire from us. 

How Long Will Our Artificial Grass Last?

All of our artificial grass products are made from high-quality materials that are designed to last. However, how long your artificial grass will last will depend on a number of factors, including:

How much traffic it gets – if your artificial grass is in a high-traffic area, then it may need to be replaced more frequently than if it’s in a low-traffic area.

How well it’s maintained – if you take good care of your artificial grass, then it will last longer than if it’s not maintained properly.

The type of artificial grass you choose – some types of artificial grass are more durable than others.

At Ipswich Artificial Grass, we offer a wide range of artificial grass products that are designed to last. Contact us today to find out more.

How much does artificial grass cost?

The cost of artificial grass will depend on a number of factors, including the type of grass you choose, the size of your lawn and the installation method. Generally speaking, artificial grass is a more expensive initial investment than natural grass. However, it’s important to remember that artificial grass is a low-maintenance option that will save you money in the long run.

When it comes to choosing artificial grass, there are a wide variety of options available on the market. The type of grass you choose will have a big impact on both the look and feel of your lawn, as well as the price. Here at Ipswich Artificial Grass, we offer a wide range of different types of artificial grass, so you’re sure to find something to suit your needs and budget.

The size of your lawn will also affect the cost of artificial grass. If you have a large lawn, you’ll obviously need more artificial grass than someone with a smaller one. However, it’s important to remember that installing artificial grass is a much simpler and quicker process than laying natural turf, so the overall cost may not be as much as you think.

Finally, the installation method you choose will also affect the cost of artificial grass. If you opt for a professional installation, the cost will be higher than if you choose to do it yourself. However, we would always recommend using a professional installer to ensure that your artificial grass is installed correctly and to avoid any problems in the future.

What will be used to Infill under the Artificial Grass

The type of infill you use will depend on the application. For example, if you are using artificial grass for a play area, you will need to use a shock-absorbing mat. If you are simply using it for decoration, then sand or granite may be sufficient. Speak to a professional at Ipswich Artificial Grass to find out more.